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If you find a listed accommodation that has been rented and is now unavailable, please contact us so we can advise the landlord to deactivate the listing.

Newest Listings
AddressType of RentalRentBedrooms Available
23a oxen pond rd Upper Level Apartment 10002 bedrooms of 2 bedrooms
23 b oxen pond rd Below Ground Basement Apartment 9001 of 1
23 oxen pond rd Main Floor Apartment 10002 bedrooms of 2 bedrooms
112 CABOT ST Upper Level Apartment 650 per Room2 of 2
14 Ottawa Street Below Ground Basement Apartment 11002 of 2
Macpherson Avenue Below Ground Basement Apartment 850.001 of 1
4 Summer Street Main Floor Apartment 5251 of 4
266 Freshwater RoadIn Private Home 5252 of 5
22 hoyles ave Detached House5503 of 7
3A Parkhill Street Above Ground Basement Apartment 9002 of 2
Chestnut PlaceIn Private Home6501 of 2
49 Howley Ave. Ext.In Student Home 500.001 of 5
102 Grenfell AvenueIn Private Home  500/450/4002 of 3
26 Mayor AvenueIn Private Home 4401 of 4
5 Polina Rd. Above Ground Basement Apartment 950two bedroom apartment of two bedroom apartment
67 Grenfell Avenue Detached House14003 of 3
202 MUNDY POND ROADIn Private Home 6002 of 2