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July 2014 Edition

Message From The Director

Dear Parents, family, and friends of our residents,

Welcome to on campus housing and residence life at Memorial University! It is an exciting time for both you and the students who will come to live and study at Memorial. We welcome you all  and offer a commitment of a quality living and learning environment. Jump into campus living! Students will find a huge variety of support services and programs that will help them help themselves in becoming not only a successful student, but also to grow as an individual. Residence Life programming will cover social and personal activities and programs that are both fun and informative. Our services are many, and we are available for support 24 hours a day. Our food services are expanding as are our programs, facilities, and supports.

Residence living is vibrant and exciting and we are happy to welcome your student to this campus, and ensuring this is their home away from home while they pursue their studies and grow as independent adults. They are not alone.

On behalf of a team of dedicated professionals, student leaders and the Memorial University community....welcome. We look forward to meeting you at the door!


Bruce Belbin
Interim Director
Housing, Food and Conference Services
Memorial University

It's all about the choices we make

As a parent, we certainly do not need to teach you that your child's future depends on the choices they make. Your child has already chosen to pursue post-secondary studies, to leave home and to live on campus at Memorial University. Once they arrive, the choices they make each day will continue to have a profound impact on the lessons they learn. Here at Memorial, residence is more than a convenient place to live and study. As part of an institution of higher learning, our residences are living-learning environments, and our Residence Life staff are experts in teaching young adults how to make good choices and to learn from their experiences. As the parent of a young adult who is away from home for the first time, we want to reassure you that the lessons we teach in residence are just as important to the development of your child as the lessons they will learn in class. Our residents are also our students, and we teach our residents about life.

Our Residence Life Office

The Residence Life Office is responsible many aspects of living on campus at Memorial. Our residence life staff includes student staff, part-time staff, and full-time professionals.

Full-Time Residence Life Office Staff:

LoriLynn Rowsell (Manager of the Residence Life Office)
LoriLynn is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing Offices. She is also responsible for addressing residents' behaviour that violates the University's Code of Student Conduct and the Housing Regulations.

Dwayne Taverner (Supervisor of the Residence Life Office)
Dwayne supervises all the full-time, part-time, and student Residence Life staff. He is also responsible for conducting research and developing all the Residence Life procedures, practices, and programming.

Cory Flynn, Travis Myers and Meg McNeil (Residence Life Advisors)
Cory, Travis and Meg are responsible for providing a whole range of guidance, support, and advice for our residents, as well as delivering residence wide programming. Cory, Travis and Meg live on campus and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any critical incidents in our residence community.

Claire Goobie (Administrative Assistant)
Claire is responsible for helping with all administrative tasks for the Residence Life Office. If you have any concerns or questions related to the Residence Life Office, Claire will be able to point you in the right direction to get the answers you are looking for.  Claire also helps coordinate the after-hours desk.

Part-Time Staff ó Residence Coordinators (RC)

The Residence Coordinators are the part-time university employees who are responsible for supervising the student staff, identifying and addressing resident needs, overseeing the residence activities and programming, and promoting responsible behavior among their residents.

Student Staff ó Resident Assistants (RA) and Academic Assistants (AA)

The Resident Assistants are part-time student employees who provide support, guidance, and programming for the residents of their building. There is an RA on every floor in every residence.
The Academic Assistants are part-time student employees who are responsible for encouraging, promoting, and delivering academic support programs. There is an AA in each of our residences.
You should always encourage your student to speak to the Residence Life staff if they have any needs, issues, or concerns.

Academic Support and Guidance

There is an abundance of academic support and guidance readily available in your child's new home. The Academic Assistants are available to address academic questions and provide advice. The Academic Assistants also have access to lots of useful information such as old exams, notes, and text books. The Residence Life Office hires returning residents as tutors for English, Math and Sciences, and these tutoring services are free! Our residences are in close proximity to the campus Academic Advising Centre, Memorial's Help Centres (Math, Physics, English, French, etc.), and the Queen Elizabeth II Library (QEII). The QEII Library also provides a quiet place for residents to study throughout the day. If they are unsure of where to look for help, they should ask their Academic Assistant. We are only too glad to help!

The City of St. John's

Some parents may not realize just how accessible the city of St. John’s is to their child while they are living on campus at Memorial. Our On-Campus Housing lies in the heart of the cultural, educational, and commercial areas of North America’s oldest city. Your child can reach any educational facility on Memorial’s campus within 10 minutes, and the province’s largest shopping mall, grocery stores, banks, and restaurants in less than one half hour. Within a 30 minute walk your child can be exploring downtown St. John’s, including: Water Street, the oldest paved street in North America; Newfoundland’s newest public cultural space, The Rooms; historic churches; Mile One Centre; as well as the Fluvarium, a number of walking trails, and countless other attractions. Living on campus puts both Memorial University and the City of Legends at your child’s doorstep. Student rates are often available at many of these venues.

University Parking Permits

**Please note that acceptance to Residence does not automatically include a parking space**

If you are bringing a personal vehicle, and want to park on campus, you will need to get a Parking Permit www.mun.ca/facman/parking_roads/index.php from Campus Enforcement and Patrol www.mun.ca/facman/security Please click these links for complete parking policy information. We will provide a letter to confirm that you are living in residence. This letter will be available from Tuesday, September 2, 2014 until Friday, September 5, 2014 in the residence general office. Please provide registration, proof of insurance, and your Campus Card (Student ID).

Food Services

Our “All you Care to Eat” meal plans are the pride of our food services at the Main Dining Hall. With unlimited portions and an abundance of variety, your child will certainly not starve! All residents of Paton College and the New Residence must purchase a meal plan and Burton’s Pond residents may choose to buy one of our flexible meal plan options. For more information on our food services please see www.mun.ca/hfcs/foodservices

Meal Plans

The Unlimited ($2300)

With the Unlimited Meal Plan you may enter the Main Dining Hall as many times as you wish, whether it is for a meal, a snack, or just a cup of coffee. The Unlimited Meal Plan also includes $125 FLEX dollars to spend at the various campus cafés operated by Aramark Canada. 

The 19 ($2300)

With the 19 Meal Plan you may enter the Main Dining Hall up to 19 times per week. The 19 Meal Plan also includes $200 FLEX dollars to spend at the various campus cafés operated by ARAMARK Canada.

The 14 ($2200)

With the 14 Meal Plan you may enter the Main Dining Hall up to 14 times per week. The 14 Meal Plan also includes $250 FLEX dollars to spend at the various campus cafés operated by ARAMARK Canada.

Stay in Touch

Care packages are a sure sign of love & support, and are always anticipated with excitement by residents! You can send and forward all your child’s mail to one of the following addresses:

Residents of Paton College

[Room Number, House]
Paton College
Memorial University
St. Johnís, NL A1B 3P7

Residents of Burtonís Pond

[Box Number, Apt Number, Court]
Burtonís Pond Apartments
Memorial University
St. Johnís, NL A1B 3P7

Residents of New Residence

[Room Number, Tower]
New Residence
Memorial University
St. Johnís, NL A1B 3P7


** Please note that application for January 2015 and acceptance into Paton College, Macpherson College, or Burtons Pond DOES NOT automatically guarantee you a bed space for either facility in September 2015. All students must apply separately and specifically for Fall 2015.**

Around Campus

Living on campus means easy access to a variety of activities:
  • Intramurals
  • Volunteering
  • Varsity sports
  • MUCEP (part-time work)
  • Aerobics
  • Clubs & societies
  • Church groups
  • The Works gym
  • Leadership programs
  • Orientation

A good balance of extracurricular activities keeps the mind and body healthy and provides a chance to get away from the books once in a while! For more information, visit www.mun.ca/student/life and www.today.mun.ca.


Encourage your child to:

  • Get involved
  • Deal with issues quickly
  • Talk to the residence life staff
  • Approach their professors and university staff if they need advice or guidance

Above all, encourage and support your child. Show concern and ask questions about your child’s life, but do not invade their privacy. Trust your child.

Finding oneself can be difficult enough without having the people whose opinions you respect most second guessing you and your decisions. Support them in their quest for an education.


In accordance with the province’s Access to Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act, Memorial University has enacted a policy on access to information.  We are required to protect our resident’s personal information and are not permitted to release their information to anyone, including parents/guardians,  without the resident’s written consent.  Residents can give their permission to have their information released to third parties by completing the Release of Information Form, which is available from the Housing Main Office.  This form permits our staff to release personal information as requested to the identified third parties, however it does not permit a third party to act on behalf of the resident.

Contact Us

Housing, Food and Conference Services
313 Hatcher House
Paton College, Memorial University
St. Johnís, NL
A1B 3P7
Tel: 709-864-7590
Fax: 709-864-3520
Email: housing@mun.ca